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Duodecim scripta - The Game of Twelve Lines














Set-Up For a Game of Rota (2 players)

  1. First, draw a circle. Draw a plus sign in it (+) and then an X.
  2. Draw dots at the end of each line and in the middle where they cross.
  3. Now you'll need pieces. You can use coins (different coins for each player), buttons, pebbles, or anything you like.
  4. Each player gets THREE pieces.

The Rules for the Game of Rota

  1. Each turn, players can put one piece on the board in any open spot.
  2. After all three pieces are on the board, a player must move one piece each turn.
  3. A piece may move along any line or curving edge of the circle to the next empty spot.
  4. A piece may not jump other pieces nor move more than one spot.
  5. The first person to get three in a row wins.

*(I say, around the edge of the circle should count; others restrict the three-in-a-row to a diameter -- a straight line. Decide before you start playing, since we don't have an ancient Roman around to ask!)