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The Crusades



"I do say young knight...come and join the crusade!  If you decide to take this quest you will be transported the year 1095AD in the southern part of France.  Pope Urban II is just about to give his famous speech at Clermont denouncing Islam and calling for a crusade to rid the earth of the Infidel.  Join the Crusade!! Accept the quest and fight for God and Country!"


This quest will include a historian, a cartographer, a sociologist, and a graphic artist. Each of you will be responsible for different activities individually as well as collaboratively as a team. These activities will help you in the final project when you will storyboard and create a 30 to 45 second video recruiting Christian Knights to go on the crusade. 


  1. First, break up into groups of four.  The groups will then meet and choose what role each person will play in the group. Please choose one role for each person from the following list.

    As the historian you must find articles discussing why the crusades began and why knights decided to crusade?

     Cartographer As the map expert you must research maps of the first three crusades. You will tell what cities were important, what routes the crusaders took to reach the Holy Land, and major battles. 
     Sociologist As the expert on people you will find out who participated in the first three crusades. You will be responsible for compiling a list of at least fifteen participants of the first three crusades. 
     Graphic Artist

    As the specialist dealing with images and art your job will be to find images of the crusades.  You will be responsible for the backgrounds, props, and clothing in the recruitment video.

  2. Each group member will examine the sites provided below.  Once you have looked at the sites download and print the following worksheet and answer the questions for your role.



    Medieval Source Book Background

    Medieval Source Book 1st crusade

    Letter of Alexius to Count Robert of Flanders

    Pope Urban II speech at Clermont Per Guibert de Nogent

    Decrees of Pope Urban II at Council of Clermont

    Narrative of the First Crusade

    Catholic Encyclopedia

    Secondary Source of Crusades




    Maps of the Crusades

    Maps of Crusades and of Jerusalem

    Different Maps of Crusades

    Primary Source Maps

    Routes Crusaders Took

    List of Battles during Crusades

    Battle of Hattin

    Blank Map for Drawing


    Crusades Encyclopedia

    Important People of the Crusades

    History of the Crusades

    Medieval Source Book Crusades Table of Contents

    Military Orders of the Crusades

    Graphic Artist

    Crusades Pictures and Paintings

    Pictures of the area where the crusades were

    Images of Crusaders

    Military Orders of the Crusades

  3. When you have completed the worksheet for your role please come back as a group and discuss your findings.  The final project for this quest is a 30 second to 45 second recruitment commercial for a Christian Knight.  The group will use the knowledge gained by each member to write and produce this commercial.

Specifications for Project:

  • 30 to 45 seconds long
  • Script and storyboards turned in as rough drafts
  • Use iPad video editing software
  • Final cut must be presented.


 Rubric Beginning
Does not adequately participate in the group, and rarely shares and contributes to their efforts.  Occasionally participates in the group by sharing and contributing to the assignmentSufficiently participates in the group by sharing and contributing to the assignment.  Regularly contributes to the groups overall task and supports the efforts of others.   
Did not conduct adequate and thorough research according to their role.  Was not prepared for class. Research was lacking in one or more areas.  Did not adequately answer all of the questions required.  Sufficiently answered the questions and provided their research with their group mates.    Relayed a great deal of research to group mates of excellent quality.  
Video Content   Relevant material is not included in the project. The project contains some relative content;  however, at time the students departs from the topic.Most of the content is correct, and the student shows a sufficient understanding for the project's objective.  Exceptional understanding 
of the content and excellent execution. 
The student makes no effort to complete the project and uses graphics from others;. The project is complete, but little effort is shown.  The student uses phrases from websites or the textbook and does not creatively construct a product. The student uses some originality and adequately creates a nice project.   The video is brilliantly prepared and shows a large amount of imagination.