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The student will analyze the Age of Revolutions and Rebellions.


a. Examine absolutism through a comparison of the rules of Louis XIV, Tsar Peter the Great, and Tokugawa Ieyasu.


b. Identify the causes and results of the revolutions in England (1689), United States (1776), France (1789), Haiti (1791), and Latin America (1808-1825).


Historical information on the Guillotine

Overview of the French Revolution

 The French Revolution

  1. Causes of the French Revolution 1
  2. Causes of the French Revolution 2
  3. The French Revolution Begins
  4. The King - Louis XVI
  5. Newspaper Report - Escape of the King
  6. War and Republic
  7. Trial of the King
  8. Excution of the King
  9. Newspaper Report - Execution of the King
  10. Reign of Terror
  11. France in 1795

 Napoleon Bonaparte

  1. Rise of Napoleon
  2. Napoleon Fact File
  3. Change Under Napoleon


Bio - Napoleon Bonaparte` - The Glory of France - 50 minutes


c. Explain Napoleon’s rise to power, the role of geography in his defeat, and the consequences of France’s defeat for Europe.



d. Examine the interaction of China and Japan with westerners; include the Opium War, the Taiping Rebellion, and Commodore Perry.

Recommended Viewing:


  • The French Revolution (2005) - The History Channel - Not Rated - 100 minutes
  • Les Misérables (2012) - Rated PG-13 - 158 minutes
  • Bio - Napoleon Bonaparte` - The Glory of France - 50 minutes