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The student will demonstrate an understanding of long-term causes of World War I and its global impact.


 Causes of WWI.pdf

a. Identify the causes of the war; include Balkan nationalism, entangling alliances, and militarism.


Tasks.pngAnimated Map: The Western Front, 1914 - 1918

Adobe_Flash.gifOver the Top - An Interactive Adventure 

Adobe_Flash.gifFront Line Trench Virtual Tour

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 Days that Shook The World - The Christmas Truce of 1914

Tasks.pngBattle of Verdun: 21 February 1916 - July 1916 Reading


Tasks.pngWWI Weapons Tech.pdf

 Discovery Education - The American Diary Series - The Great Campaign (1917-1918)

Video Packet:

Tasks.pngThe American Diary-The Great Campaign (1917-1918).pdf

b. Describe conditions on the war front for soldiers; include the Battle of Verdun.




c. Explain the major decisions made in the Versailles Treaty; include German reparations and the mandate system that replaced Ottoman control.


 Days that Shook The World - The Assassination of the Romanov Family

Tasks.pngDecline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty - Russian Revolution - PowerPoint

Tasks.pngDecline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty - Russian Revolution - PowerPoint Notes

Tasks.pngWhy was there a Revolution in Russia in 1917 [Worksheet].pdf

Tasks.pngThe Russian Revolution - Cartoon.pdf

​d. Analyze the destabilization of Europe in the collapse of the great empires; include the Romanov and Hapsburg dynasties.

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Apocalypse - World War I

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  • 1. Fury 1914. Kings rule over the people of Europe. With ultimate power, they lead their nations to war. But in a new era, war threatens to wipe empires off the face of the earth. This is the beginning, of the Apocalypse. TV-PG 45min July 28, 2014

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  • 2. Fear The war was to be short and glorious. But fear spreads as Germany marches towards Paris. While the generals refuse to change their tactics, men are being killed on an unprecedented scale. An entire generation could be lost and yet the war goes on.  TV-PG 45min August 4, 2014
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  • 3. Hell War descends into hell. The battlefield becomes a slaughterhouse. After 16 months of fighting, five million men are dead. Despite this, neither side has gained any ground until a new and terrifying machine rolls onto the battlefield... the Tank. TV-PG 45min August 11, 2014
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  • 4. Rage Russia 1917. Tsar Nicholas II is the first Emperor to fall as a result of the war. Will the Russian revolution mean an end to their involvement? A new German offensive could pull the United States into the conflict and fuel the flames of war. TV-PG 45min August 18, 2014
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  • 5. Deliverance 1917. The world is at war. Nations stand on the brink of extinction as millions of men have been lost. The great empires teeter and begin to fall. As the overwhelming numbers of the U.S. Army and its allies brings Germany to its knees, the end is near. TV-PG 45min August 25, 2014



Digging-Up-the-Trenches-Cover.jpgDigging Up The Trenches - reveals each stage of trench warfare by focusing on the remarkable finds made by this unique excavation. As each rifle and artifact is unearthed, dramatic re-enactments show how these tools and weapons were used by soldiers 90 years ago. We see how men fired sniper rifles, reeled from artillery, and destroyed enemy machine gun nests. The result is a glimpse into how trenches helped define the progress of the entire war, starting as shallow rifle pits, and evolving to become vast underground fortresses housing thousands of men.

 Among the astounding discoveries found by the dig are the bones of four soldiers, believed to have died in the war's first gas attack. The archaeologists also find scores of bullets, live shells, underground shelters, and the scars left by mining tunnels.

Historians and archaeologists at the dig are our guides. As each mud-coated artifact is cleaned off, historians like Peter Barton explain how it was used on this very spot 90 years ago. Archaeologists explain trench warfare tactics as they discover bones and rifles. Dramatic re-enactments show how these same artifacts were once the key to life and death struggles in these same trenches.

Digging up the Trenches tells the remarkable story of a dig and a war defined by trenches. Trenches that were built as shelter against machine guns became so sophisticated that they were almost impossible to conquer. Understand the birth and death of these trenches, and you understand the war.