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The student will demonstrate an understanding of the global political, economic, and social impact of World War II.


Describe the major conflicts and outcomes; include Pearl Harbor, El-Alamein, Stalingrad, D-Day, Guadalcanal, the Philippines, and the end of the war in Europe and Asia.


Identify Nazi ideology, policies, and consequences that led to the Holocaust.


Explain the military and diplomatic negotiations between the leaders of Great Britain (Churchill), the Soviet Union (Stalin), and the United States (Roosevelt/Truman) from Teheran to Yalta and Potsdam and the impact on the nations of Eastern Europe.


Explain allied Post-World War II policies; include formation of the United Nations, the Marshall Plan for Europe, and MacArthur’s plan for Japan.

Recommended Viewing:


Hitler's Hidden Holocaust - National Geographic Channel

Rarely seen images and evidence tell the story of when specialized units known as Einsatzgruppen terrified millions.

Nazi Megaweapons Series 1

Nazi Megaweapons Series 2