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​Jactus Game Rules

Jactus, (casting, or to throw) was played on feast days by Romans around the tenth century BC using six sided dice called tesserae.

3 points (Venus) rolling five 6’s six
2 points (Caesar) rolling five 4’s four
1 point (Canis) rolling five 1’s one
Venus game piece Caesar game piece Canis game piece

Method of Play:

The game may be played with two to six players. Five dice are required.
Each player puts in coins or chips corresponding to the number of players, i.e. four players = four coins, six players = six coins, etc.
Next, determine starting player. Play proceeds from left to right, each player in turn, rolls the dice trying to get all five 6’s six, or all five 4’s four, or all five 1’s onein any order.

One turn = four rolls of the die or dice.

If a player rolls the dice and gets one or more sixes, they can set those aside and roll the remaining dice trying to get to the full number of sixes. Each time a player rolls the dice they set aside any sixes showing and roll the remaining dice.


If a player, after four tries, does not have five 6's or 4's or 1's, the dice are passed to the next player. The next player has the option of picking up all the dice or setting some aside and rolling the remainder to achieve the desired score.

The next player may use some of the previous players dice throw.

If the previous player left two 4’s, and the current player needs fours, they can set aside the two 4’s and roll the remaining dice in an attempt to get five 4’s. They have four tries to achieve their correct score.


When a player rolls the combination of five 6’s, or five 4’s, or five 1’s , they place the corresponding game piece in the board. This procedure is repeated until a player fills their position with all three game pieces and is declared the winner.

There are two ways to distribute winnings:
Option 1: The winner takes out the number of coins corresponding to the number of players. The other players take out coins equivalent to the game pieces in their position on the board. The winner takes the remainder.
Option 2: The winner takes all coins or chips on the board.