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The student will analyze change and continuity in the Renaissance and Reformation.


Explain the social, economic, and political changes that contributed to the rise of Florence and the ideas of Machiavelli. 


Identify artistic and scientific achievements of Leonardo da Vinci, the "Renaissance man," and Michelangelo.


Explain the main characteristics of humanism; include the ideas of Petrarch, Dante, and Erasmus.


Describe the Counter Reformation at the Council of Trent and the role of the Jesuits.


Explain the importance of Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press.


Discovery Education - "All about the Renaissance" 

Video Packets: "All About the Renaissance" Part 1 and Part 2



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 Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel

Complete the "Sistine Ceiling" Reflection



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Biography: "Michelangelo: Artist and Man"


This edition of Biography, the long running documentary series from A&E, explores the life of sculptor, painter and poet Michelangelo. As a boy, he was placed in the care of a stone mason at Settignano where he learned how to sculpt. He received the patronage of Lorenzo de' Medici, and after his death spent three years in Bologna. His "Cupid" was bought by Cardinal San Giorgio, who summoned him to Rome, where he stayed for four years. He then returned to Florence, where he sculpted his most famous work, the marble "David". In 1503, Julius II summoned him back to Rome, where he was commissioned to design the pope's tomb; but interruptions and quarrels left the piece unfinished. Instead, he was ordered to decorate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with paintings, which he did with reluctance. In 1528, political unrest in Florence forced him to the science of fortification, and when the city was besieged, he was active in its defenses. His last achievement was "The Last Judgement," and the next year he was appointed architect of St Peter's, to which he devoted himself until his death. This biography successfully documents the extraordinary life of a true renaissance man, and how he was so adept at different artistic mediums.

Quiz 14 - Michelangelo: Artist and Man follows the presentation



Analyze the impact of the Protestant Reformation; include the ideas of Martin Luther and John Calvin.


Discovery Education - "The Protestant Reformation"


Video Packet: "The Protestant Reformation"






Describe the English Reformation and the role of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.


Days that Shook The World - The Execution of Anne Boylin



Recommended Viewing:


Days that Shook The World - The Execution of Anne Boylin