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intro-button.pngSSWH: Civilization

SSWH1: Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Societies

SSWH2: Chinese and Indian Societies

SSWH3: Classical Mediterranean Societies

SSWH4: Byzantine and Mongol Empires

SSWH5: Expansion of the Islamic World

SSWH6: Early African Societies

SSWH7: European Medieval Society

SSWH8: Societies in Central and South America

SSWH9: Renaissance and Reformation

  • SSWH9a - The rise of Florence and the ideas of Machiavelli. 

  • SSWH9b - Leonardo da Vinci, the "Renaissance man," and Michelangelo.

  • SSWH9c - Humanism; including the ideas of Petrarch, Dante, and Erasmus.

  • SSWH9d - The Protestant Reformation.

  • SSWH9e - The Council of Trent.

  • SSWH9f -  Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

  • SSWH9g - Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press.  

SSWH10: The Age of Discovery and Expansion

SSWH11: Japan and China

SSWH12: Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal-Empires

  • SSWH12a - The Ottoman Empire.

  • SSWH12b - Muslim empires influence on religion, law, and the arts in their parts of the world.

SSWH13: Change of World View

SSWH14: Age of Revolutions and Rebellions

SSWH15: Industrialization and the Rise of Nationalism


SSWH17: The World between Wars

  • SSWH17a - The Great Minds-

  • SSWH17b - The Russian Revolution-

  • SSWH17c - The Rise of Fascism-

  • SSWH17d - The Rise of Nationalism-

  • SSWH17e - Totalitarianism-

SSWH18: World War II

SSWH19: The Cold War and Decolonization

  • SSWH19a - Revolutionary  Movements-

  • SSWH19b - Israel-

  • SSWH19c - The Arms Race-

  • SSWH19d - Reforms in the USSR-

  • SSWH19e - The Pursuit of Freedom-

SSWH20: The World Since the 1960s

  • SSWH20a - Ethnic Conflicts-

  • SSWH20b - The Dissolution of the USSR-

  • SSWH20c - Terrorism-

  • SSWH20d - Women in Power-

SSWH21: Globalization in the Contemporary World

  • SSWH21a - The world economy through the development of television, satellites, and computers.

  • SSWH21b - The United Nations, OPEC, and the World Trade Organization.

  • SSWH21c - Treaties and organizations.

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